DesCrypto Launch Pad


DesCrypto is well positioned to evaluate white papers and initial coin offerings with our experienced leadership in this field. 

We can assess the long-term value and potential liquidity to take part in projects which will positively impact the collective  shareholder value.

Our program will be the launchpad of success stories for 2022.



DesCrypto is focused on capturing value from the rapidly emerging NFT space through areas like the metaverse, real estate, finance, digital identity, games, fan tokens and DeSo (Decentralized Social Media).

DesCrypto is well positioned to capitalize on the tokenization and acquisition of NFT assets and is seeking out NFT Platforms and infrastructure.


Decentralized finance or banking without borders the industry, has quickly evolved from Defi 1.0 to Defi 2.0.  We are focused on adding liquidity protocol to the initial protocol of defi and extending the possibilities by integrating never before imagined functionality and capability in Defi 3.0 and beyond.

Blockchain Applications


The growing amount of digital data used in our daily lives has increased the need for security, transparency and integrity, all of which, Blockchain applications can provide.  DesCrypto is able to assist revenue generating blockchain application projects to acquire funding and add technical expertise to achieve your next level success.


Blockchain transaction industry has created thousands of new companies and have many legacy transaction suppliers such as PayPal, Square and Visa racing to adopt and implement the new currencies and digital assets transactions into their already imperial business models. 

DesCrypto is seeking revenue generating projects who require funding and expertise in the field to reach their five+ year goals.


The data on a blockchain is unable to be modified, which makes it transformational technology for the financial, healthcare, art, cybersecurity and healthcare industries among many others to follow, we are primarily focused on finance.

DesCrypto is seeking to assist transactional innovations in finance with financing and expertise.


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