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Creenagh Flynn


Creenagh Flynn serves as the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer with 5 years experience in blockchain and 18 years experience in design, development and marketing technologies.

Creenagh is a highly skilled and diverse professional who began her career in finance; marketing and communicating initial public offerings to the global investment marketplace and obtaining her license in securities.  Her passion for design and ethical capitalism led her to specialize in design, code, communications and technology to strategically launch innovative companies with a notable track record of success. 

Creenagh has worked for Fortune 500 corporations and privately consulted micro to mid cap companies seeking to upscale using creativity, code, art, copy and technology to communicate and integrate technology for mass adoption.  Creenagh has designed and developed platforms for 24 companies in blockchain eCommerce, finance, energy, healthcare, biotech, AI, and innovation.  She has spent her career dedicated to marketing and communicating opportunity to the masses and has led teams through critical milestones.

Creenagh is an expert at translating the complicated and innovative to the world.  Creenagh was the marketing director for the largest IPO on the TSX in 2005 and an integral member of a 7 Billion dollar transaction in 2009.  Creenagh was responsible for re-writing SRU (standard response units) for the global consulting firm Accenture while on contract to design, communicate and market the Accenture Intelligent Network Data Enterprise (INDE) in 2010.     

Since 2010, Creenagh has designed more than 100 brands, 125 vehicle wraps, 300 websites, and 250 investor presentations and dozens of marketing strategies.  She has successfully designed, developed and launched apps on the web, android and apple networks and integrated technology for ERP, CRM and data management.

Creenagh also consults for MidAtlantic Capital, consulting with public companies and preparing them for the capital markets with communications, branding and platforms to translate their idea or innovation to the investor and public marketplace.

Creenagh is a founding partner in the Union of Transparency which is the self-regulating DAO for ethical investment, professionals and protocols in DeFi.

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