Initial Acquisition Overview

Areca Financial


Enable the new economy by allowing users to receive and send money, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets.


Flexible asset storage. Our Qualified Custody enables quick, secure, and compliant custody or sub-custody of users’ funds in a variety of account types. Escrows, Trusts, Custodial FIAT and Crypto Wallets.


Enable faster, more seamless on-platform payments and engagement, increase transaction volume and recurring engagement within your ecosystem


Move and manage any assets in a single experience, keep up with the new generation of investors who want exposure to digital and alternative assets including cryptocurrencies.


We are the launchpad for online capital raises that tap into the crowd, build an equity crowdfunding platform that can support multiple offerings, flexible rails, fiat and digital assets, and an unlimited number of investors.


Enable your clients to earn additional yield on cryptocurrency, quickly and compliantly build a lending platform that capitalizes on the new market for cryptocurrency lending and borrowing.

(1) This acquisition is currenty pending, Term Sheet signed and expected close mid January 2022

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