DesCrypto is focused on delivering shareholder value by acquiring and developing high-quality digital economy assets which adhere to our ESG policies while increasing the value and adoption of blockchain technologies worldwide.​


Digital currencies and the blockchain industry are among the world’s fastest growing assets today. DesCrypto is well positioned to capitalize on and consolidate businesses within the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem which will transform the way we operate, with greater security and transparency inside industries which have valuable data to share and access.


DesCrypto is a diversified Crypto platform and holding company. We are focused on digital financial services, NFT’s and tokenization of assets which combined provide for a robust ecosystem providing investors an opportunity to invest directly into the emerging industry with exponential growth opportunities.


Howard Gostfrand

Howard Gostfrand, has built a career around financing and advising small private and public companies throughout their various phases of growth in diversified industries. In 1999 Mr. Gostfrand formed American Capital Ventures, Inc. (ACV). Over the past 22 years ACV has represented over 300 public companies. Mr. Gostfrand began his journey into the Crypto Currency industry five years ago.

Mr. Gostfrand is excited to bring his experience and world class network to build DesCrypto into a true leader in the industry.

Mr. Gostfrand received a B.S. in Marketing Management from Boston University (1991). He loves calling Miami home and is excited to see the city further develop the defi and digital asset worlds from the Crypto hub it has become and for DesCrypto to be an integral part of that growth.       



Laura Anthony

Ms. Anthony, is the founding partner of Anthony L.G., PLLC, which she founded in 2001, a corporate, securities and business transactions law firm, and has been practicing law since 1993.

Ms. Anthony provides corporate counsel to small-cap and middle market private and public companies.  During her career Ms. Anthony has served clients in areas including but not limited to compliance with Securities Act offer, sale and registration requirements, including private and public offerings; initial public offerings; follow-on offerings and PIPE transactions; registration and reporting requirements under the Securities Exchange; mergers and acquisitions; and general contract and business transactions.

Ms. Anthony has worked with over 600 public companies and been involved in over $10 billion in capital markets transactions.  Her experience with public companies set the stage for her roll with our company.


Meir "Wex" Wexler

Wex’ as he is affectionately known, serves as the Company’s Chief Investment Officer with 7 years of experience in the blockchain space. In June of 2016, he founded D2B, LLC, a boutique advisory firm that assisted blockchain start-ups, where he served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer until January 2021. 

Wex is the Founder and Managing Partner of Wex Capital LLC a VC/Family Investment Office which invests and advises blockchain start-ups at the angel and pre-seed rounds. He currently serves as an advisor to several start-up companies including Computis, Geojam, The Kansas City Pioneers and Pilates Metrics (acquired by Pear Sports).

Wex is the co-Founder and CEO of the Union of Transparency which is the first self-regulatory body to help protect investors from crypto start-up scams within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

He earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Analytical Thinking and Reasoning from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He also holds a Masters of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University. He completed the Executive Program in Venture Capital and Private Equity from Columbia Business School.

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