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We are dedicated to building real world value for digital asset investors and end-users within the crypto, NFT and blockchain infrastructure industry. We thoughtfully seek out innovations to improve our economies, our industries, our environment and our security. We offer stable growth, low volatility and extensive research on our platforms, our acquisitions and approach.



Descrypto is focused on delivering shareholder value by acquiring and developing high-quality digital economy assets which adhere to our ESG policies while increasing the value and adoption of blockchain technologies worldwide.

Digital currencies and blockchain industry are among the world’s fastest growing assets today. Descrypto is well positioned to to capitalize on and consolidate businesses within the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem.

Our team is comprised of world class leaders in corporate finance, venture capital, emerging technologies and blockchain infrastructure.  We have highly skilled advisors and partnerships in Europe, UK,  Canada, USA, Dubai and South America.

Descrypto is well positioned to acquire and develop blockchain technologies which adhere to our policies and offer ease of use, flexibility, cost efficiency to increase adoption and increase the industry and asst value to our investors.

We are developing businesses to create mass market adoption of digital assets convenient and accessible worldwide.

We are focussed on the holistic blockchain and digital asset economy and investing in assets which have stable growth and forecast long term market share acquisition.

Descrypto offers investors opportunities to capitalize on the digital asset and blockchain economy with less risk.

We offer stable growth opportunity without the risk and volatility of coin exchanges.


High Growth

DesCrypto is focused on high growth opportunities with the potential for mass market adoption and transformation.


DesCrypto is quickly building and scaling to enable the combined utilization of digital and physical assets from a single platform.


DesCrypto is focused on building an improved more secure financial system utilizing blockchain technology.


DesCrypto is focused on increasing value and adoption of the entire ecosystem and further developing the connections.


DesCrypto is a diversified Crypto platform and holding company. We are focused on digital financial services, NFT’s and tokenization of assets which combined provide for a robust ecosystem providing investors an opportunity to invest directly into the emerging industry with exponential growth opportunities.

Digital assets have been expanding tremendously since their inception in 2008.  Today there are more than 10K currencies, 300 million asset holders, ETFs, NFTs, and other metaverse assets.  The library, availability and acquisition of the industries assets is growing at an incredible rate.

Decentralized finance or banking without borders the industry, quickly evolving from Defi 1.0 to Defi 2.0.  We are focused on adding liquidity protocol to the initial protocol of defi.

The 3D simulated world in which an immersive environment and experience is shared with global users simultaneously, market size reached 47.69 Billion in 2020 and expected to register a CAGR of 43.3%.(1)  DesCrypto intends to capitalize on and host office space in the metaverse in order to acquire and converse with revenue producing potential assets in this space using a DesCrypto avatar and VR hardware our team will navigate the emerging metaverse environments and seek out opportunities on behalf of our investors.

Blockchain transaction industry has created thousands of new companies and have many legacy transaction suppliers such as Paypal, Square and Visa racing to adopt and implement the new currencies and digital assets transactions into their already imperial business models. 

Blockchain technology is still very much in its infancy, we are only beginning to explore the countless ways to apply the technology to support and improve operations and industries around the world.  The growing amount of digital data used in our daily lives has increased the need for security, transparency and integrity, all of which, Blockchain applications can provide.  

The data on a blockchain is unable to be modified, which makes it transformational technology for the financial, healthcare, art, cybersecurity and healthcare industries among many others to follow.


DesCrypto is a Miami based holdings company, publicly traded and holistically focused on the transformational expansion of the Blockchain ecosystem with the potential to re-imagine every industry. Blockchain provides an independent, tamper-proof, transparent new platform to securely store, transmit and process sensitive and valuable data.

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